Sound Pollution

How does pollution affect me and my life?

I live right by a road and I hear cars a lot and when I go outside the noise is louder. I sometimes cought when I go outside to play, because the cars' gas is bad.

How does my behavior contributes to pollution? What can I do about this?

I can use my itouch less so I could save electricity. I don't have a car, so that helps a little. But I ride the bus to school and back.

The Olden Life of Jefferson

Hi I am Jefferson Jones and I am 36 years old. I am a fur-trader. I have 1 brother that is 35 years old and his name is John Jones. He is a cooper. My mom is 50 and my dad is 54. I have only 1 trunk to bring to the new world. I had to move because the government said I stole something but I didn't. I don't think this is a good decision, but we would have more freedom and land. My brother and me are nervous and scared. We don't know any one, except our family and our cousin.

I am a board the May Flower. My parents slept at the second to last floor. We went through 3 storms. 5 people fell over board and only 2 were saved. John and I were walking around the ship. Then we saw our missing cousin, Josh. Josh was an indentured servant. Josh was 23. Josh was scared and nervous to go to the New World. Our mom died from the sickness, but our dad is a live. We never took a shower or a bath, but it was normal in the time.

I have landed in the New World with John and Josh. We built a house in Eldarado. John, Josh, and I are neighbors. Although I am not always home because of my job. We were all happy to get of the ship, because we got to have more space. I started to make a shop to sell fur. I gathered people to help me. The shop was called Jefferson's Fantastic Fur. John started his own business too. The shop was called The Eldarada coopers, the best in town. He worked with his friend,Ross. Josh works for a gentlemen who's name is Joseph.

Its been a little hard to trade food. But it was only for 3 days. My dad died from the sickness. 2 days ago,when I was hunting. I saw something in the bushes. I couldn't see it perfectly, but I saw a head and a arrow. I walked to the bush and I saw what it was. It was a Indian. The Indian put his bow and his arrow on the ground. I was scared at first, but then I walked and put my hand out. He was putting his hand out slowly. Then he got up. I put my hand up and the sign meant hi. He did the same. I picked up his bow and arrow. Then I gave it to him. He was still scared. Then he ran off. I knew he would.

I was thinking if I should go back to England. But I had freedom, land, and a new life. I wanted to stay in the New World. My store is going well. John's store is going well too. I think Josh is working well with his master. I saw another Indian hunting. I was hunting too. So I went to him, but then he pointed his bow and arrow at me. I put my gun down and I put my hand up which meant hi. He did the same. Then he saw a deer. So he went up to it and then I just remembered that there was a trap I put there. So I dove at him and saved him. Then I showed him why I did that. I threw a rock at the trap and it snatched the rock. Then he gave me his bow and arrow. So I gave him my gun. Then he walked away. I felt happy inside.

I was friends with a tribe called(hankubooce) It was the tribe with the two Indians that I met. We traded stuff like meat and weapons. I saw one kid that was injured. I noticed that he was in the hankubooce tribe. So I brought him back to our town and I took care of him. For a day and then I brought him back to the hankubooce tribe. Then some Indians came and hugged me. I gave them some meat and they were so happy. I could see it in their eyes. One Indian came up to me and said,"Thank you so much for saving him." I was surprised that someone spoke English there. He was the head of the tribe. He gave me a hat made of nature. It was made of plants, corn, and blueberries. I said," Thank you." Then I went back to town.

All in all I think my family made a good choice in coming. I have loved being here but also very sad because I lost my mother and my father.

A New kind of freedom

The pastor told Johann that each person would get 50 acres of land and Johann had 9 people in his family. So he got 450 acres of land and in Europe only the wealthy had that much land.

Johann felt very important and happy living in Pennsylvania. Johann liked the market day in Philadelphia. He sat in the wagon and with his family. I got to see other farms and their village of New Bradensburg.

Molly's dream

Molly's dream was to have freedom. She also wanted to be as skilled and intelligent as her employer. She wanted to have the kind of courage like Mrs. Simmons has to run her own shop. She wanted to be with her family in America. She wanted to have a house and a pond with geese and ducks.

Molly would need to have courage, bravery, and patients. She also would need money to have a store.

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Essential Questions

Why do people move?

People move for jobs, money, and freedom. let's say that you are a slave and you moved to a different country because you wanted freedom.

What do we do when people don't speak, act, or think as we do?

We start a conversation or ask some one that might know what he or her is saying.