A New kind of freedom

The pastor told Johann that each person would get 50 acres of land and Johann had 9 people in his family. So he got 450 acres of land and in Europe only the wealthy had that much land.

Johann felt very important and happy living in Pennsylvania. Johann liked the market day in Philadelphia. He sat in the wagon and with his family. I got to see other farms and their village of New Bradensburg.

Molly's dream

Molly's dream was to have freedom. She also wanted to be as skilled and intelligent as her employer. She wanted to have the kind of courage like Mrs. Simmons has to run her own shop. She wanted to be with her family in America. She wanted to have a house and a pond with geese and ducks.

Molly would need to have courage, bravery, and patients. She also would need money to have a store.

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Essential Questions

Why do people move?

People move for jobs, money, and freedom. let's say that you are a slave and you moved to a different country because you wanted freedom.

What do we do when people don't speak, act, or think as we do?

We start a conversation or ask some one that might know what he or her is saying.